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Blessings to all in the name of Jesus Christ.

The purpose of this site is to discuss and study the Christian faith.

Today Christianity has become a divided belief system comprising various denominations all preaching what each claims to be the truth. However, when more than one viewpoint is put forward and these directly conflict with one another obviously some, if not all must be to some point in error.

Most websites promote the faith of whatever organisation operates the site, often offering no way for others to challenge or even discuss their theological claims.

This site is different in that it is open to all who claim Jesus Christ as their God, Lord and Savior, to have their own pages to promote their beliefs, but with a discussion forum attached to each of those pages so all can openly discuss what is posted if they so wish. This allows all members to post comments, questions and so on, making the site more interactive, educational and subject to scrutiny.

To begin, what has been posted are comments supporting the Christian faith according to the original apostolic Church and early Church history, as what could be better to begin, but what was preached in the beginning.

However, for the purpose of study and a genuine desire for truth, what is needed are the beliefs of today's Christians, those that hold to beliefs that conflict with what was originally believed to also post their beliefs. So we invite all denominations to join in, so all sides can be presented equally and discussed so any reader can compare and make a fair assessment for themselves.

The Top bar has two links, being "how to start" and "Contacts". "How to start" is some basic instructions to get someone started in posting their own pages. On the bottom bar you will also see "help" which links you to many more instructions and another discussion forum of all "Wikidot sites" where there are many questions asked and answered.

"Contacts" is a list for members to place their email addresses and so on to be contactable outside of this site if they so wish it. However private messages can also be sent between members.

The navigation panel on your left is fairly self explanatory, however on Member's pages. Each member can decorate their page as they wish (within Christian values) and place links to their other pages, another website, their Church, photos or whatever. They can also add an unlimited number of pages to this page.

Subjects are links to specific pages added by members, if you add a page about a certain area of the Christian faith, these will add your page to all others within that criteria, in alphabetical order. The instructions are in the How to start menu on the top bar.

I would like to add that this site is both interactive and evolving, all reasonable suggestions to improve it will be considered and put to all members.

If you should read something that you don't agree with, just remember that the whole point of this is for all to come together and discuss and compare our differences. We don't have to agree on all things as Christ Himself will be the judge of who is right and who is wrong. What we do have to agree on is a desire for the truth to be found, and Love for one another.

As a final point, at this time there are no moderators or administrators, I am listed as one simply because I started this site. If this should become necessary later, then all members can decide together who they should be to keep this as open as possible to all viewpoints.

Please have a look, a prayer, discuss it with others, whatever you feel the Lord would have you do. If you feel this is not for you, then may the Lord bless and protect you always. If you would like to join in, then know that you are more than welcome.

Peace and Love to all.

David Lazarus

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