Did The Virgin Mary Visit Zeitoun?

On April 2nd. 1968, in the suburb of ‘Zeitoun’, in Cairo, Egypt, mechanics of a bus company, which faced a Church witnessed a woman with her back facing them descending the central dome of the Church roof. One of the men yelled to the woman in concern for her safety, the woman turned and faced them and the men recognized her as the Holy Virgin.

From that night, for a period of two years and four months, the apparition regularly appeared before thousands of witnesses from various religions including the predominant Muslim population as well as before many from non-muslim nations such as America and those of Europe.

The appearance would sometimes vary from her full form to just her upper half and surrounded by a halo of shining light. On some occasions, she was seen kneeling before the Cross on the central dome and on some, turned to bless those present with a gesture with her hands.

On many occasions miraculous healings occurred which have been investigated and confirmed scientifically. St. Mary, of whom the apparition is assumed to be, was also witnessed in the company of what appeared to be heavenly Doves and there was sometimes an aroma of incense giving the area a pleasant smell.

After a thorough investigation of the phenomena, by the authorities and numerous other organizations, a press conference was held, then a book was published by Father Gregorius in which he gives detailed descriptions, with documented proof of many cases of miraculous healings. This book is entitled ‘Al-Adhra’ a fiz-zeitoun’, which translates as ‘The Virgin in Zeitoun’.

Father Jerome Palmer, an American Benedictine Roman Catholic Priest, has been quoted as saying;

“..Our Lady is more busily engaged on earth today than she is in heaven. Unique in the history of Marian apparitions, unique in the circumstances of time and place, unique in the almost complete silence of the American press, religious and secular, are the appearances in Zeitoun in 1968 and 1969, continuing at the time of this writing..”

During this time, the Director of the ‘General Information and Complaints Department’ of the Muslim, Egyptian Government submitted an official report to the Government Minister concerned, a Mr. Hafez Ghanem. This document categorically confirms the authenticity of the appearances, it reads as follows;

“The investigations have proved twenty-seven appearances (to that date) of the Blessed Virgin in various luminous forms. At certain times mysterious doves either preceded, accompanied or followed the apparitions …”

If we consider the appearances of the Virgin Mary at Zeitoun as opposed to those at Fatima and Lourdes and other similar claims from the Roman Catholic Church, we see a dramatic difference. At Zeitoun, the vision was for all present and even photographic evidence was taken. The appearances were not visable only to one or a few witnesses but to Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Egyptians, Americans or anybody who should look.

A final detail I will mention is the comment by the Roman Catholic priest, Father Jerome Palmer. He makes reference to the almost complete silence of the American Press, which was, and is still occurring over the Virgin’s visit to the Church at Zeitoun. This silence however did not only occur within America but by the press all over the world.

This poses the question as to what spirit would be guiding the press to suppress the facts and not just over this but over all things concerning Jesus Christ.

Why is Christ not taught as history in all schools, why do many people become so threatened when a conversation concerning Christ arises, and why have Christians been persecuted since Christ walked the earth in the flesh.

Even an atheist or a pagan must admit that the ‘Man’, Jesus of Nazareth has had a bigger effect on the entire planet than any other ‘person’ in the history of the world. Our calendars, holidays, wars, morals, laws and many other issues have resulted from His teachings, as well as many other religions that have developed by the twisting of His teachings.

The specific Church where these appearances occurred is built on the site where early Church tradition teaches Jesus lived as a small child during the time when the Tetrarch of Jerusalem, Herod Antipator was threatening His life.

If any would like to investigate this further, there are a number of websites where photos can be seen under the search title "Zeitoun", as well as personal testimonies and an abundance of other evidence.

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