Your First Page

Firstly, you must be a member and be logged in. If you are not a member, please apply below.

Step 1

To begin you must first create a "parent" page, this will be from where all your content can be added and traced back to you as its source.

On the left Navigation panel you will see near the bottom "ADD A NEW PAGE", type in your username and click "new page".

A page with “Create a new page” will appear with your username in the title box.

In the main box you can begin writing whatever you wish, your details, your testimony, your beliefs, links to what pages you have posted, your website if you have one, whatever you feel is appropriate.

However, if you wish for now just type in anything as you can edit this later at your convenience, then press either “preview” if you would like to see what you have written or “save” when you are satisfied.

You have now created your “parent” page.

At this stage, if you should choose to leave your page, it can be opened by clicking on "list all pages" on the left navigation panel under the tile "Contents". All pages are in aphabetical order so simply click on your username.

Step 2

When you are ready for your page to be seen, the next thing to do is add your page to the list of “Member’s pages” on the Navigation panel on the left. You will see four titles “Churches”, “Home groups”, “private members” and “Other”. Click on whatever best categorizes yourself.

When the page opens, click “edit” at the bottom of the page, then add your username encased by three brackets e.g. [[[your username]]] and add any other brief details, e.g. email address, denomination, etc.

Three things to remember when doing this.

Firstly, do not touch anyone else’s details.

Secondly, do not forget to place 3/three brackets [[[ and ]]], before and after your username. These will create a link to your page when your username is clicked.

Thirdly, make sure you type your username exactly as you did for your parent page. Any variation in capitalization, spelling or spaces and the link will search for a page that doesn’t exist.

If this occurs, click “back” and edit your username. If in doubt, go to the left navigation panel under “Content” and click “list all pages”. Search down the list until you find your page and confirm your spelling, capitalization etc. then edit accordingly.

You need to have a account and be signed to apply for membership.

if you already have a account


it is worth it and is free

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